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One Piece OCs Information

White Mist Pirates
Shiro Itora - Captain
Marl - Cook
Linqin - Doctor
Akemi - Navigator, Helmsman
Pancel - Shipwright
Thomas D. Muna - Gunman
Awa - Guard Dog
Crysanthos - Fighter
Ally - Mechanic

Annabelle Dachel
Ellanor Dachel
Magdalen Labat

Punk Hazard
Melina - Scientist, CC's assistant
Serana - Melina's Assistant
Syrene - Melina's Assistant

Radon Rune (Strawhat Pirates - fighter/nurse)
Aoife Whelan (Heart Pirates - mechanic)
Isis (Black Cat Pirates - Fighter/Navigator)
Tatiana (Kidd Pirates - Cabingirl)
Toby (Cavendish)
Lily Byssthe (Revolutionary)
Willette (Barto Club)
Veda Mala (Doflamingo)

Lillias Natalia
Commander Luis
Lt. Rushe
Vice Admiral Dagny Ahlstrom

Other Important OCs


These are my favorites and babies. Babies u may see lots of doodles of in my sketchbook.

Prince of Tennis
1. Nashikawa Ruri
2. Hara Minori
3. Tanaka Aiko

Dragon's Dogma
1. Cail
2. Lulubelle

Original Story
1. Praet
2. Kemiztre
3. Alvaro

Favorite People and Groups




+OP OC+ Secret Santa artJou by fireadSecret Santa Itora by MissFyndSecret Junko Santa by Mowwiie+OPOC+ Aisu - Two Years Later by CIAE13Secret Santa - Montego I. Cleopatra by HoneysanRikkai'a Royal Flush by CourtJesterMieko


About me
I'm Kuri. I'm a derpotato that likes to think she can do things. ouo` I'm a quiet person, but I love to make friends.

Fun Fact: I have Eosinophilic Fasciitis. An ultra super rare disease! Don't confuse me telling you this out of pity, I'm majoring in the Medical field, and yes, my own disease is so very intriguing to me. If you want to ask me about it, feel free to note me! I love talking about what's wrong with my body! ouo

Because of my above disease, I had to have hand surgery to fix all my tendons on my right hand, as they have shifted out of place. Though my hand is no longer in the pain it used to be, it gets very tired easily. This has made me unable to draw for long periods of time without consequences.

Drawing is purely a stress relieving hobby, btw. Though, friendly advice is no big deal, I'm not one for crit. This is because I have no real need to improve except for myself!

My main fandom is One Piece but I love all sorts of things!
I don't draw fanart often, because I fail. But I love making, creating, and drawing OCs and FCs.

Other Fandoms
one piece, pokemon, silent hill, resident evil, harvest moon, dragons dogma, bioshock, skyrim, slayers, inuyasha, atla/lok , xenosaga, nnsg, tales of, hatoful boyfriend, magi, kyoukai no kanata, kamisama kiss, beelzebub, xenoblade, snk, dgrayman, hxh, saiyuki
Bolded are main fandoms/I'm an expert in.

Pt. Com//To Do List

To Do List

Open Requests by EnjoumouOpen Trades by EnjoumouFO Gifts by Enjoumou



Contests Winners

1. Beka

1. too many to list here


1. Aisu CIAE13
2. Stuff for Beka because I loves her

One Piece things
1. Ref. Lin :star-empty: Marl :star-empty: Akemi :star-empty: Awa :star-empty: Thomas D. Muna :star-empty: Crysanthos :star-empty: Aoife :star-empty: Annabelle & Ellanor Dachel, Magdalen :star-empty::star-empty::star-empty: Melina :star-empty: Serana and Syrene :star-empty::star-empty: Radon :star-half: Isis :star-empty: Tatiana :star-empty: Dagny :star-empty:
2. 2YL designs: Itora :star: Akemi :star-empty: Linqin:star-empty: Thomas D. Muna:star-empty: Pancel:star-empty: Marl:star-empty: Awa:star-empty:
3. Luffy, Law, and Kidd :star-empty:
4. Exagora's OC with Itora

Other things
1. Arrietty and Spiller :star-empty:
2. Arisens and Pawns :star-empty:
3. Cail jumping into Everfall :star-half::star-empty:
4. Kurosawa Amaya Ref :star-empty:
5. Xenoblade Stuff
6. Ref. Emilio :star-half: Yasu :star-empty:
7. Tamako Market Fanart

Fan Fictions
1. Start 'The Slicing Mist' Mini Series revolving around Itora and her crew and a cursed sword. :star::star::star-half::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty: (Presumably 7 chapters long, with prologue and epilogue) Planning up to chapter 3 is finished.
2. Demented Dreams :star-empty::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty: Planning up 5
3. Stand By Me :star-empty::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty:



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